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The Dandelion in the Spring Ficathon


Welcome to the Dandelion in the Spring Ficathon! In the fandom lull while we wait for more exciting news, I thought it would be fun to liven things up with a new ficathon. Have fun!

1. Open to anyone and everyone - even if you don't have a Livejournal account. Just leave a comment as a guest, but you MUST follow the rest of the rules, or your comment will be deleted!
2. No specific end time - this is an ongoing ficathon.
3. ALL pairings, characters, genres, AUs, ratings, etc. are welcome.
4. One prompt per comment, but multiple prompts are allowed. Just make sure they all have their own comment. Also, prompts can have more than one author fill out a response.
5. ALL POTENTIAL TRIGGERS MUST BE MARKED WITH A WARNING. This includes rape/non-con, death, substance abuse, violence, etc.
6. Prompts longer than 3 comments should be posted elsewhere, with a link posted in response to the prompt here.

Prompts should be as so:
Character/Pairing, prompt (can be whatever your heart desires)

When fulfilling the prompt, be sure to include the following in the subject line:
Title, Rating, Character/Pairing, Prompt, Spoiler

That's it. Knock yourselves out!
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